Great Gifts Ideas for Art and Pet Lovers

Do you know someone obsessed with art and their pets? Buying a gift can be a difficult task but not for art and pet lovers. They will be the easiest people to shop for because there are plenty of gifts that they will love that include their two favourite things.

Our pets have a special place in our hearts so why not commemorate them with a gift that will last a lifetime? Giving someone who loves art will greatly appreciate the thought that was put into these gifts because it involves their furry friend. Here are 4 gift ideas for art and pet lovers.

Personalized Portrait

There are hundreds of businesses that will recreate a wonderful photo and transform it into an art piece that fits any media. Whether it be acrylic, watercolour, or a digital piece many places will create the perfect recreation of a lovely photograph. The process is incredibly simple too – just send in the most heartwarming photo and pick your favourite style. The gift is perfect for someone who loves to hang art in their home. What better artwork to hang than that of their pet?

Also, they may not want another portrait hung on the wall of their room. Some people would prefer a t-shirt or even a blanket instead of a portrait. Many artists will recreate any photograph in whatever style you wish that can be transformed to whatever canvas you see fit.


There are many ways to have sculptures done of pets. A lot of people provide services just as portraits to bring a pet to life within a sculpture. They can be fully lifelike, any size, and ay media. Although this option is a little pricey the outcome will be breathtaking. Creating a complete replica of the family pet will be an outstanding gift.

Of course, the gift does not have to be lifelike in any way. Many sculptures can be bought that symbolize a pet’s love. Some sculptures may have an angel holding a small dog or a cat peering over mountains. These sculptures are a great way to commemorate the memory of a pet.

3D Photo Crystal

One of the most beautiful ways to present our pets is through hung photographs. However, this may get old with dozens of photos aligning the walls in a pet and art lover’s home. So thinking of ways to give an updated photo and transfer it into a 3D photo crystal. This is a beautiful way to ingrain a pet’s image into an actual crystal. Through laser technology, a complete lifelike photo will be lasered into crystal showing a beautiful representation of a pet. When the light hits the crystal the image is breathtaking.

Painting Set

One of the best gifts you can give a pet and dog lover is a complete painting set that is safe for animals. There are viral videos of dogs painting with their mouths and cats with their paws. Giving toxic-free and animal-safe paint to someone is a great present. That way a person can paint with their animals to create works of art with their pet. This is a great way for a person to bond with their pet and also create art they can present in their own homes.

Many gifts can be given to people that have a love for both art and animals. So get out there and give them the best gift they will receive.

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