Where to Get a Portrait of Your Pet in Texas

When people have pets, they can treat them like members of the family. They provide companionship and unconditional love, but they don’t live forever. Dog and cat owners often honour their pets by commemorating them in photos or other art forms. For this reason, pet portrait paintings are popular gifts for graduates and other milestone events.

Art is a big business in Texas, and there are plenty of artists who love to draw portraits of pets. If you want a portrait of your dog or cat, here are some places in Texas where you can get one.

Cave Creek Photo Portraits – Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Cave Creek Photo Portraits offers a unique experience for pet owners who want to capture their pet’s personality. You can work with a talented artist who is dedicated to creating a fantastic portrait. They offer three different styles of photorealism: life-like, sketch, and cartoon.

The Drawing Studio – Dallas / Fort Worth Area

If you love your pet but aren’t great at drawing, The Drawing Studio is here to help. You can get a portrait of your pet done while you wait, or they offer professional photography services while you wait.

Kimberly Dawn – Houston Area

Kimberly Dawn makes photo montages and other custom art pieces for people in the Houston area. The artwork she creates includes photos of pets that are manipulated into various scenes or turned into caricatures.

Molly Grace Photography – San Antonio Area

If you want a custom pet portrait and aren’t precisely artistically inclined, Molly Grace offers photography services as well. She can take professional photos of your dog or cat and turn them into unique pieces of art. You can choose from various styles and sizes, and she can even turn your pet’s photo into an oil painting.

PetPaintings.com – Statewide

This online gallery of pet paintings was founded in 2009 by Jodi Green, an artist living in Texas. She offers realistic portraits for reasonable prices (starting at $85), and you can get a portrait of your dog or cat in a hand-painted, hand-crafted wooden frame.

Urban Art and Framing – Austin Area

If you want your portrait to stand out from the crowd, Urban Art and Framing is the place to go. They offer custom photo collages, acrylic paintings, and pet portraits in various styles such as photorealism and cartoon.

Pet Portraits for Less – Statewide

If you’re looking to get a quality portrait of your pet on a budget, Pet Portraits for Less is the right choice. Depending on your preferences, you can get an 8×10 photograph framed or unframed, and all orders are placed by the next business day. They also sell high-quality photo gifts at much lower prices than other companies.

Wish Upon a Star – Dallas / Fort Worth Area

If you want a dog portrait with a unique style, check out Wish Upon a Star in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The artist, Jessica Petricka, specializes in pet paintings and airbrush tattoos on dogs and cats.

If you want a portrait of your pet in Texas, we have some tips for you. The first thing to know is that many great places can do this type of photography business, and it’s important to vet them before making a decision. Ensure they’re taking good care of their animals and being professional with customers, so you don’t get any surprises after the photoshoot. With these things in mind, go ahead and find one near where you live or plan on getting your photograph done!

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