Types of Arts & Craft Activities for Pets

If you have a creative pet and love spending time with it, you should consider taking your dog to one of the area’s best canine art and craft stores. Here you will find all kinds of fun, and unique arts & crafts for both you and your pet. If you like any of these dog crafts, you may want to show your appreciation by allowing your local mall or shopping centre to host a paw print competition. This is a fun and simple way to share your love of dogs with others who walk our pets.

Paw Print Flower Art

One of the most popular pet-related arts and crafts is the Paw Print Flower Art. This is especially attractive to pet owners because it is a relatively easy craft to do with your pet. All you need are some fresh cut flowers, some glue, a little bit of fabric paint and a sewing machine. After you purchase your flowers from your local grocery store or flower shop, carefully peel off the paper from the centre of the flower, leaving the white part intact. Paint your flower petals in the colours of your choosing and then sew on a cute little bow or ribbon to finish off your creation.

Personalized Paw Print

Another fun craft activity is to create a personalized paw print for your dog. This is a great activity to do with the children at your dog park or even around the pool during a get-together. To make this fun craft, gather up some old shirts, hats, and bathing suits, and gather up some rubber bands. Take each item and wrap it up in a different colour yarn. Make sure to use a strong yet flexible rubber band so that the items can be stuck together without tearing.

When you have all the supplies gathered, take your artistic talent and start to paint. Start with a small area in your house that is free of obstacles to paint in. Once you are finished with one side of the wall, turn it into a project space by covering it with a table lamp shade. Cover the lamp with a soft, pastel shade and place it on your lap or desk. You are now ready to create the paw prints! Use a craft marker or crayon to create a nice, even border for your paw print, and place a few toys or bones that are suitable for your dog to play with in between the paw print.

Pet Paw Print Ornaments or Paperweight

These unique items will enhance the home decor of any room in your house and at the same time give a lot of pleasure to the animal lover who keeps it as a pet or makes it part of the family. If you have not yet tried this unique ornament, then you should go for it right away.

To make a paw print ornament or paperweight, you will need to cut out a piece of cardboard or an easy-to-use piece of paper, cut it out along the bone side of the ornament, and lay it flat. You need to make sure that there are no creases as this ornament is meant to look like it is sitting on the bone. Next, you need to glue all of the pieces of the ornament together using the glue. You should make sure that the glue is allowed to dry before you put the last piece of the ornament onto the cardboard. Scrapbooking paper can be used to glue the ornament on but it is much easier to use a glue gun than it is scissors.

Once you have glued all of the parts together, you will want to add a decorative feather to make it stand out. Use a small feather and make a nice border so that the item stands out from the rest. Once you have the item decorated, you should always have an empty page in which you can create more designs that will help you create the perfect scrapbook page on how to make paw print ornament or paperweight.

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