Top 10 Pet Magazines in America

To own a pet is a big job to take on. A pet owner needs a routine to maintain them. It is vital to keep your pet healthy. Otherwise, too many vet visits will add up. They will accumulate an owner’s time and money. However, the positive effects of having a pet around make the chore of caring for them worthwhile.

Besides those few negatives, there are many positives to consider. Keep in mind that a pet is a constant companion. If you live alone, they will be a best friend to come home to on a stressful day. If you have a family, a pet could be a perfect distraction for the kids when you are busy with chores.

Of course, some people love pets but cannot have one because of medical reasons or allergies. This article will be a guide for pet people who are looking for the perfect magazine subscriptions for all types of pet lovers.

A Guide for Pet Owners

To begin, it never hurts for a pet owner to keep up with tips on caring for their pet. There are a lot of pet magazines that can guide an owner to giving their special pet friend the perfect lifestyle.

Pet Food Industry

This magazine is all about food. This publication wants to help an owner to pick the right pet food for their pet. As we know, animals, like humans, will have specific digestive needs. This magazine has all that information and more.

Pet Age

Is based out of New Jersey. This publication concentrates on not only the diet of your pet but trends and products. This magazine even has information on retailers and manufacturers of pet products.

Pet Boarding

This will help an owner pick the best boarding facilities. An owner may be taking a day to themselves and needs to know how to board their pet in the home safely. This publication has advice on kennels or facility design that could help.

The Pet Gazette

The Pet Gazette is based in New York City. The magazine concentrates on city life for your pet. It focuses more on canines and felines and guides you to the best neighbourhoods that will have sufficient dog parks and short taxi rides to emergency veterinarians.

Humane Pro

This is an award-winning magazine. It is a resource for pet owners and potential pet owners. The magazine covers training events and shelter and rescue operations.

A Guide for Pet Lovers

Some people cannot have a pet, but they love pets. Pet lovers who cannot own a pet might just want to look at something cute and fuzzy. A magazine full of not only advice but photos and art would be a perfect kind of magazine to skim through. These magazines may also show pets and owners and the different lifestyles a pet can have.

  • Pet Lifestyle Magazine
  • Modern Dog Magazine
  • Modern Cat Magazine
  • Birds & Bloom Magazine
  • All God’s Creatures Magazine

The listed magazine targets any lover of pets who enjoys colourful stories and pictures of different animals. Pet Lifestyle concentrates on pets and their owners. Modern Dog and Modern Cat each concentrate on the lifestyles of a dog and cat household. Bird lovers will love the beautiful imagery in Birds & Bloom. And if you think animals have a spiritual aura, then All God’s Creatures Magazine will be perfect for you.

The bottom line is, no matter what type of animal lover you are – an owner or an admirer – there are plenty of pet magazines that will suit your pet interests.

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