Famous Painters From Texas

What it feels like experiencing the famous painters from Texas!

I have always been intrigued by painting. Ever since I was a young child, I’ve admired the artistry in paintings and found immense joy in viewing them when visiting art museums or even when viewing my own pets in their creative painted stasis. Not to mention, being in Texas has greatly influenced artists in this day and age because of our rich culture, diverse landscape, and our strong economy.

The following guide explains some of the most notable painters Texas has ever produced, along with a few other selected artists I feel are worth mentioning. Feel free to leave comments on any artists you feel should have been included in this list!

Listed are individual painters first, then galleries that have many of the Texas-based painters.

Anita R. Goodesign:

This artist specializes in paintings based on her own dogs, cats, and horses. Each painting is very detailed and stunning to see – I can personally attest to this since my sister owns one of Anita’s works of art!

Gustavo Romañach: 

This pet portrait artist is based out of San Antonio, TX. He most frequently paints with watercolour and has quite an extensive collection – over 200+ works to choose from on his website

William Lester:

Based in Austin, Texas, this painter specializes in animal portraits and landscapes. His paintings are detailed and unique, with thick brushstrokes to make each one look as realistic as possible.

Paige Bradley:

A renowned fantasy artist whose works revolve around animals and mythical creatures, most notably Pegasus. She is based out of Dallas, TX and frequently showcases her works in Texas events such as Comicpalooza.

Scott Stroman:

Stroman is based in Dallas, Texas and specializes in paintings of horses. He has won many awards for his work, including the Award of Excellence from the Oil Painters of America

Norman Rockwell Museum:

 An art museum founded by Norman Rockwell himself that showcases world-renowned American artists such as Frederic Remington, Robert Henri, and Andrew Wyeth. The museum is based in Texas and is notable for being one of the many museums to house Norman Rockwell’s famous Girl at Mirror painting.

Paint N’ Play: 

This art studio produces high-quality pet portraits based out of San Antonio, TX – each portrait only costs $49! Paint N’ Play also offers free art lessons and workshops, guided by professional artists. They even offer gift cards on their website, so you can purchase one for yourself or a fellow animal lover!

Computer Art: This site is dedicated to computer-generated artwork such as “digital paintings” as well as some pixel art – mainly featuring animals like cats, dogs, horses, etc. There are also some works featuring video game-related characters.

Computer Art section artists

Notably, some of the artists from the Computer Art section have also made some pet portraits as well!

Art Institute of Dallas: A private, for-profit art school located in Dallas, TX. Some students from this college have submitted their works on Reddit, showcasing their artwork as well as paintings they’ve made of animals.

Lee Lightsey Animal Paintings: Based in Florida, this artist specializes in capturing the beauty of animals through paintings. He has written several books on animal artistry and his works are displayed at various private auctions, with most pieces selling for thousands of dollars!

Common Trait Among the Painters

One common thing about all these painters is that they all use traditional or digital mediums to produce their works of art. These are just some of the artists who focus mainly on animals in their paintings, but there are many more out there! 

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