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An American artisan trained in Italy, Alyson Whitney is nationaly recognized for her vibrant, whimsical designs.
Loss Pet Support - Free Shipping on Gifts

Loss Pet Support

Grief can be a difficult thing to deal with when you lose a beloved pet, and having good loss pet support is important. Each individual will have his own experience of grief, but having strong support can make any experience more bearable. Both the person experiencing the loss and those offering the loss pet support must understand that grieving is a process that takes time and moves at different paces for different people.

Regardless of how long you have had a pet, you have likely formed a very close bond and pet loss will leave you with a painful emptiness. Some people turn to those closest to them for loss pet support. For some families, burying the pet at home is a way to honor the memory of their companion and provide a resting place that they can easily visit. Check with your local municipality about this, since some places have strict laws regarding the burial of pets. If you are not permitted to actually bury your pet's remains, you can still designate a spot on your property to set aside as a memorial to your beloved pet. For many families, planting a tree or placing a bench or other memorial to the pet is a way for the family to honor the animal and provide one another with loss pet support. Even within families it is important to remember that each person grieves differently, and it is up to each family member to help provide one another with loss pet support.

Other pet owners who have lost a dear companion choose to seek out others who have been through their experience for loss pet support. There are many different types of groups that provide support, some in person and others online. For some pet owners, it is important to have face-to-face contact when receiving loss pet support. You may wish to talk to your vet or contact the local humane society to find loss pet support groups in your area. For others, participating in online discussions is an effective way to receive loss pet support. To find groups that can assist you with this, type "loss pet support" into an Internet search engine. You will find an extensive array of different types of online loss pet support.

For still others, the most effective loss pet support may come from writing or reading. Some people take great comfort in journaling about their beloved pet, reading books about the pet loss experiences of others, or creating scrapbooks of their friend. In whatever form it takes, it is important to seek out the loss pet support that is right for you. Your grief will eventually pass, and although you will always miss your beloved pet, good loss pet support can help you cope with the loss and move forward with your life.

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