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An American artisan trained in Italy, Alyson Whitney is nationaly recognized for her vibrant, whimsical designs.
Raw Food Diet for Cat-Free Shipping
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Raw Food Diet for Cat

A raw food diet for cat is based on the premise that foods in their natural states are healthier for our pets. After all, you've never seen a cat in the wild carrying around a can opener or a bag of kibble, right? Although cats have been domesticated for thousands of years, that doesn't mean that the domesticated diets to which they have been accustomed are necessarily good for them. According to a growing number of experts, feeding a raw food diet for cat can have a positive impact on his health.

The basis of most raw food diet for cats is fresh, raw meat ground with raw bone. Whenever possible, start with free-range or organic meats to ensure optimal nutrition in your raw food diet for cat. Most cats do well with small amounts of vegetables in their food, although cats do not require carbohydrates in their diet. For cats with digestive problems such as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, any amount of vegetables may cause problems and should be avoided.

One of the fundamental principles of a raw food diet for cat is that cooking decreases the nutritional value of the food your cat eats. Heating the food causes various enzymes to break down and can even cause essential fatty acids to become dangerous for your cat to eat. Traditional cat foods, especially dry foods, are cooked at a very high temperature to ensure the crunchy consistency. These high temperatures can significantly reduce the nutritional value of even very high-quality ingredients.

A raw food diet for cat includes not only meat, but also raw animal bones. These bones are generally ground up with the meat to prevent them from being a choking hazard. Bones are an important component of the raw food diet for cat, since they supply minerals such as phosphorous and calcium. It is important to note that not all bones are equal; bones from the necks and backs of food animals tend to be relatively high in calcium and low in phosphorous, which can cause nutritional deficiencies.

Pet owners who choose to feed a raw food diet for cat can prepare the foods themselves or purchase ready-made raw food diet for cat. There are several companies that offer mail-order frozen or dehydrated raw food diet for cat. For cat owners who wish to prepare their own raw food diet for cat, and therefore have complete control over the quantity and quality of each ingredient, there are many books available with recipes and feeding plans.

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