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Healthy Dog Food

Healthy dog food provides the fuel for everything your dog does, so feeding him the right food in the right quantities is one of the most important things you can do for him. Healthy dog food helps ensure a healthy dog. Healthy dog food should contain natural ingredients that provide your dog with the proper nutrition for his stage of life. Dog food comes in three main forms: dry food, canned food, or semi-moist food. The type you select for your dog depends on his breed, age, activity level and general health.

Dogs are omnivores, meaning in the wild they eat both meat and plant matter. As long as at least ten percent of his calories come from protein, it doesn't matter whether your dog's protein comes from animals or vegetables. Healthy dog food is often higher in protein, up to around 25%, making it even better for your dog's health.

Dry food can be the easiest to store and feed your dog, and is often the least expensive type of healthy dog food. Some dogs prefer canned food, which is easier to chew and can be easier to digest than dry food. Many canned foods have a very high concentration of water, so even with healthy dog food be aware that your dog may not receive all the nutrients he needs from canned food alone. Most dogs benefit from a mix of either canned or semi-moist food along with some dry food. Dry foods are important for your dog's dental health, since chewing dry kibble helps reduce plaque buildup on your dog's teeth and gums.

One of the easiest ways to identify healthy dog food by reading the list of ingredients. Ingredients are listed on dog food labels the same way they are on human food labels: in order of weight. Healthy dog food almost always has meat listed as the first ingredient (sometimes as the first several ingredients). Many bargain brands of dog food list "meat by-products" which are not the same thing as meat. A good sign that you have chosen a healthy dog food is when you can identify most of the items on the ingredients listing. The fewer things with scary-sounding complex chemical names, the healthier the food will be for your dog.

Healthy dog foods are often more expensive than less healthy types of food. However, healthy dog food usually contains higher quality ingredients and a higher content of actual meat. Inexpensive brands may contain a lot of fillers and meat byproducts. These are not only less healthy for your dog than real meat is, but they are often less filling as well. Feeding your pet healthy dog food made from high-quality ingredients often means giving him more nutrition through less food. While healthy dog food may cost more on a pound-for-pound basis, you will likely find you are actually spending less money per meal. And, of course, you cannot put a price on the positive effect healthy dog food has on your dog's overall well-being.

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