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An American artisan trained in Italy, Alyson Whitney is nationaly recognized for her vibrant, whimsical designs.
Healthy Cat Food-Free Shipping
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Healthy Cat Food

Feeding your cat healthy cat food is important since your pet cat is an important part of your life. This food will ensure that your cat leads a long and healthy life. There are some key components that healthy cat food will have as well as some ingredients to avoid.

Cats have some basic nutritional needs that must be met by the food they are given. These nutritional needs can be met with canned, dried or home prepared food. Healthy cat food will include the following: protein, amino acids, and other vitamins and minerals. The protein will usually come from a meat, fish or poultry source. Dried food has become the staple food for many cat owners because of its convenience and cost.

Cats do not need carbohydrates and a healthy cat food will not include excess amounts of these carbohydrates. Some dried cat food will have excessive amounts of carbohydrates and in an attempt to save money some pet owners will purchase less expensive pet foods that will have more carbohydrates and less of the required nutrients; this can cause long term health issues for the pet cat. Other items that will not provide for a healthy cat food are by-products, chemical preservatives and added sugars and carbohydrates.

In addition to the commercially purchased cat food pet owners also have the option of feeding their cat home prepared food. This is can also be a healthy cat food for your pet. If you desire to feed your cat cooked food that is home prepared there are sources for recipes to use or the alternative is to feed the pet cat a raw food diet.

Some experts believe that the best healthy cat food is a raw food diet. This is an alternative approach to the multitude of commercial cat food products on the market. It would consist of providing to your cat a variety of raw food including: fish, mice and other rodents, and other small animals. Some believe this is the healthiest cat food since cats are carnivores naturally.

Making the choice of diet for your cat is an important one and with many options to choose from it will be important to choose food for your cat that fits into your lifestyle and budget. You should be able to find a healthy cat food that does both and provides your pet with the nourishment he or she needs.

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