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An American artisan trained in Italy, Alyson Whitney is nationaly recognized for her vibrant, whimsical designs.
Dry Dog Food-Free Shipping-Chowtime Productions

Dry dog food is normally considered to be a complete food for your pet. This means that dry dog food contains all of the essential ingredients that a dog requires to maintain his health and well being. In dry dog food, the correct proportion of nutritional elements such as fats, carbohydrates, and proteins are included into each serving, thus making a schedule for feeding your pet much more convenient. Some of the advantages that dry dog food has over canned food include the following: less expensive, less odor, it does not attract flies, and it exercises the mouth and reduces tartar build up on the teeth.

Dry foods can be obtained in specialty formulas that are designed to treat specific problems that your pet may have. Some of the specialty foods include formulas that are made for weight problems, vitamin deficiencies, energy and stamina boosters, and allergy or skin disorders. Your veterinarian will be able to guide you in your selection of the proper foods for your dog, as he will give your animal a complete examination in order to determine if there are any special needs that must be met. If your dog does have any deficiencies, you and your veterinarian can discuss a proper course of treatment for your pet.

You might also choose to make your own homemade dry dog food for your pet. Some of the advantages to making your own foods include the fact that you know exactly what ingredients your dog is consuming, and your pet's food will always be fresh. If the idea of making your own food interests you, you may want to conduct a search on the Internet for guidance in how to properly manufacture the foods. You might also consider purchasing some books on the subject, as this may be of great benefit to you as learn how to properly make your dog's food. Do not discount your veterinarian's advice regarding this topic, as he may be able to provide you with a great deal of information in how to go about producing your recipes. You will want to be sure that you include all of the ingredients that are necessary for your dog's health so that you do not wind up producing a deficiency within your animal.

Feeding your pet dry dog food is not only cost effective, it can be extremely beneficial to your pet's health if you select the proper brand of food.

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