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An American artisan trained in Italy, Alyson Whitney is nationaly recognized for her vibrant, whimsical designs.
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Felix Cat Food

Felix cat food is marketed throughout Europe by the Purina company, a trusted name in pet care products. Felix cat food includes a wide variety of different products tailored to the needs of cats through all stages of their lives. There are Felix cat foods for kittens, adult cats, and seniors, in a variety of sizes. Many of these foods are available in canned or semi-wet pouch preparations. The right Felix cat food for your pet depends on your cat's age and stage of life, as well as his health needs and preferences.

Felix cat food for kittens includes ready to serve trays or pouches of soft food. These foods are specially formulated for the nutritional needs of growing and developing kittens. Both the trays and the pouches are available in your choice of Chicken, Plaice, or Lamb.

Felix cat food offers many different choices for adult cats, available in single serving cans, ready to serve single trays, or single serving pouches. Canned flavors of Felix cat food in paté preparation are Chicken, Ocean Fish, Turkey & Liver, and Rabbit. Tray flavors in paté are Duck & Turkey, Chicken & Liver, Beef & Rabbit, and Tuna & Salmon. Tray flavors served in jelly are Cod & Haddock; Chicken & Turkey; Rabbit & Lamb; Duck & Beef; Tuna & Trout; Chicken, Liver & Carrots; Turkey & Smoked Salmon; Beef Duck & Peas; Plaice, Smoked Salmon & Peas; and Haddock, Cod & Green Beans. There are also trays of specialty flavors in jelly, which include Beef in a Carrot Jelly, Chicken in a Tomato Jelly, Rabbit in a Game Flavour Jelly, and Duck in a Spinach Jelly. With all of these flavors and textures to choose from, there is sure to be a Felix cat food that will please your kitty.

Senior options from Felix cat food also include trays or pouches in jelly. These foods offer the special nutrition that older cats need. Depending on your individual pet, a cat may benefit from Felix cat food for seniors as early as seven years of age. By age nine or ten, nearly all cats will benefit from eating a Felix cat food formulated for senior cats. Flavors include Chicken, Duck, Tuna, or Beef. Pouched preparations are also available in Rabbit, Turkey, Salmon, Lamb, and Trout flavors.

Felix cat food is produced by Purina, a company with 75 years of experience in feeding and caring for pets. Felix has a wide variety of flavors and a food to fit nearly any cat's needs. Whether your cat prefers paté or jelly, lamb or fish, there is sure to be a Felix cat food that is right for him.

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