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An American artisan trained in Italy, Alyson Whitney is nationaly recognized for her vibrant, whimsical designs.
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Cats Life Urn $129.95

Memorial Pet Urns

Memorial pet urns are a practical and beautiful way to remember your departed pet. When a pet has been cremated, memorial pet urns are used to keep the ashes. There is wide variety of companies that produce memorial pet urns, and urns can be very simple or highly decorative. Choosing memorial pet urns is mainly a matter of your own taste and a reflection of your pet's personality.

There are a variety of sizes of memorial pet urns available. The size you will need will depend mainly on the size of the pet, although your own personal preferences should play a part in this decision as well. As a general rule, memorial pet urns should be at least 1 cubic inch in size for every pound of the pet's weight. This means that a 15-pound pet will require a pet urn that is at least around 15 cubic inches in size. Regardless of the size of the animal, though, some pet owners choose to honor and remember their pets with memorial pet urns that are a life-sized replica of the animal. Another option to consider is scattering some of your pet's ashes, and placing only a portion of the ashes in a pet urn. In most cases, your pet will be returned to you within another container, such as a simple box.

Some people choose simple options in memorial pet urns; a popular option is a plain wooden box with an engraved nameplate. A slightly more elaborate version of this may include a drawing or photo of the pet. Another popular choice in memorial pet urns is pottery or metal vases. There are also companies that offer memorial pet urns that resemble books, with information about the dog printed on the "cover" and "spine." Some memorial pet urns are even made to resemble your pet, and can often be found in miniature or life-sized versions.

With a variety of options of memorial pet urns available, your personal preference can guide you to the best way to honor your pet. Your veterinarian may be able to provide you with information on where to locate memorial pet urns. The Internet can be an excellent resource for locating a wide array of different types of memorial pet urns. Simply type the phrase "pet urn" into an Internet search engine to begin exploring the many options available. There are memorial pet urns appropriate for every situation and preference.

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