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An American artisan trained in Italy, Alyson Whitney is nationaly recognized for her vibrant, whimsical designs.
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Friends Furever $129.95
Sweet Angel

Urns and Casket for Dog

Urns and casket for dog can be a beautiful way to memorialize your departed friend. While some dog owners choose to bury their dog, many dog owners opt for cremation. Dog owners who are burying their beloved dog may choose a casket as a final resting place. For owners who choose to have their companion cremated, urns are used to hold the ashes and serve as a memorial to the dog. There is wide variety of companies that produce urns and casket for dog, and they can range from simple and practical to very ornate or unique options. Choosing urns and casket for dog is a matter of your own taste as well as a reflection of your dog's personality.

If you are having your dog buried in a pet cemetery or being interred privately, you may choose to have him interred in a casket. There may be some restrictions that the cemetery places on the size or type of casket. You may also wish to have your cremated pet interred in a pet cemetery. Check with the cemetery for details about whether there are recommended companies from whom to purchase urns and casket for dog, or if there may even be a particular company from whom you are required to order. If you are burying your beloved dog privately, be sure to check with your local municipality. Some places have strict laws regarding the burial of pets.

Some simple, yet elegant, choices in urns and casket for dog include polished wooden boxes. Urns often have engraved nameplates affixed to the front, while both urns and casket for dog may also have engraving done directly on the wood itself. A slightly more elaborate version of a box-style urn may include a picture or etching of the dog. Another popular choice in urns for dogs is metal or pottery vases. These can be either somber in tone, with little or no decoration, or much more whimsical, with playful photos or drawings of your beloved dog. Some urns are even made to resemble your dog, and can be found in miniature or life-sized versions.

With a variety of options of urns and casket for dog available, your personal preference can guide you to the best way to memorialize your dog. From simple to ornate, sedate to whimsical, there are urns and casket for dog suitable for every beloved dog and every bereaved dog owner.

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