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An American artisan trained in Italy, Alyson Whitney is nationaly recognized for her vibrant, whimsical designs.
Dog Food Container-Free Shipping-Chowtime Productions
Feed Me Bowl $59.95

Dog Food Container

A dog food container is a must-have for any dog owner. Proper storage keeps dog food fresher, meaning it is healthier for your pet. Generally speaking, the larger your dog is, the larger a container you may want to have. Keep in mind that you do want a dog food container so large that the food can become stale or rancid before your dog eats it all. There is a wide array of types and styles when it comes to finding a dog food container. By following a few simple guidelines and then letting your own style assist you, you are sure to find the perfect dog food container for you.

A dog food container should always be airtight, to keep the food as fresh as possible and also keep out unwanted pests. Exposure to air can cause dog food to become stale prematurely, and can also cause a breakdown in the nutrients in the food. Some dog food manufacturers recommend that your dog food container should be opaque to protect the food from exposure to light as well, to preserve the nutritional value of the food. If your dog food container is made from plastic and is not specifically labeled as being safe for food storage, plan to keep the dog food in its original bag and then place the bag in the dog food container. This ensures that particles of food will not leach into the plastic, possibly leading to dangerous mold later.

For ease of use, you may wish to find a dog food container that doubles as a food dispenser. This type of dog food container is often mounted on a wall and utilizes gravity to dispense the food out the bottom of the container. Another popular style of dog food container has a large opening, sometimes angled on the top, to facilitate scooping out the food. If you have several pets that eat different types of food, you may want to find a dog food container that can easily be stacked with other containers.

When choosing a dog food container, consider where you will use it. A container that is stored in a closed cabinet or garage, for example, can be much more utilitarian that a container kept on a open shelf. If your dog food container will often be visible, consider a color that coordinates well with your décor or one with a pattern that will accent the room. As long as it is an appropriate size, airtight, and will protect the food from light, your dog food container can be anything that appeals to you.

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